Saturday, November 30, 2019

Phalaenopsis Orchid In Crisis

I am very new to the phalaenopsis orchids.
This is one that I am desperately trying to give a better life.
Root has rot, so I had to cut most of the roots off and had been sitting in water culture for about a month or little more now.
It still had flower shoot which was pretty healthy, but after doing some research, I have to cut it off in order for me to make the root system stronger.
So I was really sad to cut it off but I did and re-potted in a new growing medium.
As you can see I used hydro-balls for the new pot medium and it's been a day now.
I still want it to be a similar environment like water culture so I chose this method.
It's still looking pretty damp on top and I will check again tomorrow to see if it is.
I am very happy to see the new roots popping out and can't wait to see how it will change. Both big leaves are still helpless and looks very dehydrated but since I cut the flower branch off, hopefully it will make some improvement. 
I am not sure if I am doing this right but we will see!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Holiday Cactus???

I have never even knew that there was such a thing???
Thanksgiving Cactus?
Christmas Cactus??
Holiday Cactus???
Well, back in August 21st, co-worker gave me a baby, so I brought it home, but didn't take long to all fall apart!!!
I thought maybe it was in such a big pot so I re-potted it in a smaller pot!
All my other plants were doing fine but just this one!
I was so sad but didn't give up!
And guess what???
This morning I found a little leaf :O
Let see where this takes me, maybe I can get it to flower on next year holidays???

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Does This Orchid Have A Chance?

I brought this orchid home from work which was dying and I wasn't sure if it was savable. Most roots have been soggy & dead and the leaves were browning as well, so I just cut it all off. I'm not sure if that was a good call but I did it and no way turning back :O
Anyhow, after few weeks of it being in water cultured, new roots started shooting out and two leaves that are left on there are looking pretty healthy.
It's been couple of months now, I don't know if it will ever flower again, but we will see!